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Kick Starting my YouTube Channel in 2023: Starting off with 0 Subscribers


Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, or simply passionate about sharing your ideas with the world, Starting a YouTube channel in 2023 from scratch can be an exciting and rewarding journey, it provides a powerful platform to reach and engage with a global audience.

Furthermore to that, I will be using ChatGPT correspondingly, in attempt to speed up the process of building my channel.

Starting A YouTube Channel in 2023

Starting A YouTube Channel in 2023

the Channel – Promoting My Blog and Sharing the Experience

Embarking on the journey of starting the channel has been an exciting endeavour.

As an IT enthusiast and aspiring professional, my main goal is to share valuable insights, tutorials, and career guidance with fellow tech enthusiasts.

In this blog post, I’ll take you through my experience of creating the promotional video for the channel, discuss my primary objective of boosting traffic to my website, and explore ways to effectively promote my blog.

Planning a YouTube Channel in 2023

for creating engaging videos and learn how I aim to share this experience to inspire and assist others.

Creating the Promotional Video:

Outlining the concept and objectives for the promotional video. For my video I used a program called Sony Vegas

Content creator
  • Scriptwriting and incorporating key messaging.
  • Filming and editing techniques to captivate the audience.
  • Showcasing the essence of and its value proposition.

Boosting Traffic to My Website:

  • Leveraging the promotional video to drive traffic to
  • Optimizing the video description and using relevant keywords.

For promoting a new IT blog, what YouTube video title should I use:

“Introducing [Blog Name]: Your Ultimate IT Resource”
“Unveiling [Blog Name]: Your Go-To Destination for IT Insights”
“Discover [Blog Name]: Your Comprehensive Guide to IT Excellence”
“Welcome to [Blog Name]: Unlocking the Power of IT Knowledge”
“[Blog Name]: Your Pathway to IT Success Begins Here”
“Get Ready to Dive into IT: Introducing [Blog Name]”
“[Blog Name]: Empowering Your IT Journey with Expert Insights”
“Embark on a Tech Adventure with [Blog Name]: IT Knowledge at Your Fingertips”
“[Blog Name]: Where IT Enthusiasts Gather for Expert Advice”
“Experience the Difference with [Blog Name]: Elevate Your IT Skills Today”
  • Incorporating compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) within the video.
  • Utilizing annotations, end screens, and cards to redirect viewers to my website.

Planning Video Content

  • Identifying target audience interests and pain points.
  • Researching trending IT topics and industry insights.
  • Establishing a content calendar to organize video releases.
  • Balancing evergreen content and timely, relevant topics.

Effective Blog Promotion

  • Utilizing social media platforms to promote blog posts.
  • Engaging with relevant online communities and forums.
    e.g. BeerMoneyForum – and a relevant link to a post about making a YouTube Channel 🙂
  • Collaborating with other bloggers or influencers for cross-promotion.
  • Leveraging email marketing to share blog updates and exclusive content.

    Creating a spreadsheet of places I can go to post my stuff has come in useful, see a screenshot below:
Engaging with relevant online communities and forums

Sharing the Experience

  • Documenting the journey of starting through blog posts.

    Link to this post 😀
  • Offering insights and lessons learned from the process.
  • Providing tips and recommendations for aspiring content creators.
  • Encouraging audience engagement and inviting questions or suggestions.

Conclusion: Starting a YouTube channel in 2023

Starting the channel and promoting my blog has been an exciting adventure filled with opportunities for growth and learning. Through the creation of the promotional video, I aim to drive traffic to my website and connect with like-minded individuals. As I plan for future videos, I’m eager to provide valuable content that empowers others in their IT journey.

By sharing my experience and strategies for blog promotion, I hope to inspire and assist fellow bloggers and content creators in reaching their goals.

See my About Me post for other YouTube channels I’ve made!

Information Technology Support Analyst with over seven years of experience (in the telecommunications and manufacturing industries) ranging from user support to administering and maintaining core IT systems.

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