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From IT Apprentice to IT Systems Technician.. a journey through technology and beyond

Skateboarder, Gamer and IT Systems Technician…sharing thoughts and experiences

Hartlepool "Powder Monkey" Picture ft. big ship

Hello everyone!

I’m Andy, a thirty year old, “born and bred” in a small seaside town called Hartlepool.

Located in the north east of England, us “Hartlepudlians” are labelled as Monkey Hangers, thanks to our ancestors, who decided to hang a monkey claiming it was a spy during the napoleon wars of 1803 – 1815


My Journey in IT (Timeline)

How did I initially become interested in IT? What challenges have I faced along the way?

Portfolio / Projects

A collection of previous work, being personal or professional, see what I’ve been up too here.


If you can’t see me behind a desk, there’s a good chance I’m putting in blood sweat and tears into my favourite sport, skateboarding. Check this out page if you’re intrigued 🙂

I have a passion for technology and enjoy experimenting with new gadgets and software.

In my free time, I enjoy skateboarding, gaming and cryptocurrency!

I am also interested in web design and development and have recently decided to start this blog as my new web project for 2023 🙂

I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you through this blog and I hope you find it informative and helpful.

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