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Core Categories

Web Development & Design

Showcasing crafted websites that blend innovative design with user-friendly interfaces.

Web Applications

Delve into robust full-stack solutions and sleek front-end developments that power modern businesses. This section features applications built with Vue.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and more, demonstrating a range of projects from complex systems with backend integration to standalone frontend applications.

Personal & Professional Blogging

Insightful narratives on technology trends, personal development, and industry insights.

Dive into my collection that showcases all IT-related projects I have ever been involved in!

Featured Projects

A selection of highlighted projects showcasing the best of my capabilities.

Dive into the digital diary of a tech enthusiast with “TheITApprentice.com Blog”. This platform is more than just a blog; it’s a fusion of personal insights, professional experiences, and a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of information technology. From insightful tutorials to thought-provoking articles on tech trends, this blog encapsulates my journey and expertise in the IT realm. It’s a place where knowledge meets narrative, offering readers a unique blend of technical know-how and real-world applications.

Upcoming Ventures

  • ForestRealmTreasures E-commerce Platform: Transitioning a charming jewellery collection from Etsy to its own bespoke web store. This venture involves creating an immersive e-commerce service that captures the essence of ForestRealmTreasures and provides a seamless shopping experience.

Technology Showcase

A visual grid of the technologies I’ve mastered, underpinning my portfolio of work.

Software Development

WordPress Vue.js Node.js MongoDB PHP HTML/CSS JavaScript (ES6+)

Cloud Technologies

Google Cloud Console

Server and Operating Systems

Linux Apache SSL Security (Let’s Encrypt)




VMware Hyper-V



Scripting Languages

Powershell AutoHotkey (AHK) VBScript Bash Python

My IT Journey

Trace my professional development from its beginnings to the present through a detailed timeline.

Collaborate with Me

Interested in starting a project? Connect with me to bring your ideas to fruition.