Exploring the Latest I.T. Trends for 2023

In this category, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and experiences on the latest technology, providing you with the information you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations. We’ll also be discussing the potential implications of these technologies on our daily lives and the future of technology as a whole.

Past & Previous Trends in Cyber Security (2022, 2021 etc..)

The bad:

  • Data Breaches: leading to information loss that can later be translated into identity fraud scenarios, IBM – Ponemon runs each year and shows the cost of a data breach, they estimate a typical breach costs a company £4m shows
  • Ransomware: is still causing data loss and extortion

The good:

There’s has been a lot of good things in technology to occur but

  • Multi – Factor Authentication: proving identity in some form of combination is a better user experience and is leading to better security as more companies adopt these technologies.

Trends for the future to come in 2023

The bad:

  • Until things like Data breaches and ransomware become resolved, we are still going to see problems of the past.
  • The past will definitely continue to play into the future and influence it but we will likely see attacks in the future for IoT. =Everything is literally turning into a computer these days from Shower Heads to your Fridge. There’s a popular saying that “Every computer can be hacked” so lets just bare that in mind… you have services such as which is available to the public which can show vulnerabilities in these sorts of devices.

    IoT refers to the interconnectedness of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and network connectivity, enabling them to collect and exchange data. This has led to the development of a wide range of smart devices, from smart thermostats to smart locks, which can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

    There’s a search engine with the specific purpose for crawling the internet of things: Shodan.IO – making it possible to detect devices connected to the internet, their locations, current users, technologies used, vulnerabilities and more. For example, using Shodan.IO, you could detect almost any type of system, including business networks, surveillance cameras, industrial control systems (ICS) and smart homes – especially if misconfigured.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be used by Cyber Criminal groups and gangs, they might be able to design new types Malware or attacks using using these systems to create new code.

    Business becoming dependant on AI is also a bad thing, relying on information from something which could potentially be tampered with, for example making decisions on bad information with some sort of AI Attack.

    Popular search engines are at an arms race to implement their own (if not ChatGPT) AI bot into their searching platforms
  • DeepFake, an audio or Video file, a person saying something they never said – if a video is leaked for example by the CEO of a major company releasing whistleblowing info, or even bad reviews then that could effect the share price of a company.
  • Quantum Computers, such a powerful emerging technology in 2023, the world is nearing on solving this problem, it’s no longer a question of physics. When this is accomplished and the technology becomes available to a much wider audience. A risk of Quantum computing attack will threaten the world, as modern authentication and their cryptography will no longer safe will be crack able due to the immense computational power.

The Good:

  • AI Everywhere (mainstream Apps to be embedded) – anyone can develop new AI applications with no knowledge of programming, it’s now available as AI as a Service, all of our business processes, jobs, synthetic content… everything is going to be effected by AI.
  • METAVERSE Technologies: Augmented Virtual Reality – even McDonalds is thinking about opening a digital restraint. Can meeting be held in meeting rooms that are better than zoom? Can customer support use AR to fix problems and more?
  • Digitally Editable World: manipulating the real with into the digital word: design a car in the digital world and then 3d print the car and it’s components – can now use the same with Gene editing allowing scientists to manipulate DNA. Similar advances in NANO technology, where material is edited at a microscopic level and re-created, to make things 200x stronger than still.
  • Web3.0 Crypto Technologies: using blockchain technologies to store and record information into a blockchain for example a supply chain, something we use on this website is WordProof plugin, which enters our blog posts into the IOS blockchain, giving us a tamper proof document stamp and link. One thing to note is that Etherum release, their protocol switched from Proof-of-Work to Prood-Of-Stake, meaning that it’s a much greener technology and no longer allows for mining of the coin, meaning that a lot of power will no longer be consumed by graphics cards.

The latest gadgets in 2023: highly Anticipated Products

Q12023 – Samsung S23 ultra 200 Mega Pixel Camera

Mobile Technologies continue to amaze us. On February 17, the new Galaxy release is meant to blow any other brand of mobile phone / camera out of then water, it’s currently on pre-order as of Feb 7th 2023. You can find more aobut the product here on Samsung’s Official Website.

Link to product

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