In support of Ukraine, microsoft stop new sales in russia

Microsoft suspension of new sales in Russia Russia in 2022

No more New Sales in Russia? In November 2021, one of the world’s largest technology companies Microsoft suspended New Sales in Russia. The decision came as a result of new regulations introduced by the Russian government, which require foreign software...
legalities in crypto

The legalities in crypto ownership and mining

As the popularity of digital assets and blockchain technology grows, it’s no surprise that more people are interested in investing in and mining cryptocurrency… and with the lack of clear regulations and varying laws across different countries, it can be...
complex world of it complaince

Navigating the Complex World of IT Compliance in 2023

An Introduction As technology continues to evolve… The World of IT Compliance in 2023’s landscape has become increasingly complex.. Businesses need to navigate a wide range of regulations and standards, such as: Key challenges in 2023 The key challenges of...
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