Backend Developer (Node.JS)

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Join our team and make a real impact in a collaborative and dynamic environment

A Unique Opportunity to Grow and Contribute

We wanted to remind you that this is a volunteer role, which, although unpaid, offers a rich opportunity to gain hands-on experience and make significant contributions to our projects. You’ll be able to grow your skills in a collaborative and dynamic environment, working on meaningful initiatives that make a real impact.

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Next Steps

For the call, please join Discord 😊 and let me know your username here 👍

Please note, it is essential for us to verify the identity of all our team members to maintain the integrity and security of our projects. During your application process, you will participate in ice breakers and other introductory activities to better align your skills and our needs.

We Look Forward to Connecting with You

We look forward to connecting with you soon and exploring how your skills and passion for Recuitment can contribute to our mission at

Warm regards,
Andy Naisbitt