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Microsoft suspension of new sales in Russia Russia in 2022

No more New Sales in Russia?

In November 2021, one of the world’s largest technology companies Microsoft suspended New Sales in Russia.

The decision came as a result of new regulations introduced by the Russian government, which require foreign software companies to obtain approval from Russian authorities before they can sell certain products.

This move by Microsoft is expected to have a significant impact on the company’s business operations in Russia, as well as on its customers and partners in the region. So, the question arises:

What software solutions would Russia use instead?


One option for Microsoft customers in Russia is to switch to alternative software solutions provided by other technology companies. For example, they may consider using open-source software solutions such as Linux, which is available for free and is not subject to the same restrictions as Microsoft products.

Local software companies

Another possible option for Microsoft customers in Russia is to turn to local software companies that offer similar products and services. These companies may be better equipped to comply with the new regulations and provide a more tailored experience to customers in the region. Some local companies have already begun to capitalize on this opportunity by developing their own alternatives to Microsoft products.

Alternative cloud-based service providers

In addition to these options, customers may also consider moving their data and applications to cloud-based services offered by other technology companies. This would allow them to continue using the same software products they are accustomed to, while also complying with the new regulations. For example, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are two popular cloud-based services that are available in Russia and can provide customers with the necessary tools and resources to migrate their applications and data to the cloud.

What’s the situation now though, has there been New Sales in Russia?

Microsoft customers in Russia may also choose to wait and see how the situation unfolds, hoping that Microsoft will eventually find a way to comply with the new regulations and resume sales in the region. While this option may not be ideal, it is worth considering, especially for customers who have already invested heavily in Microsoft products and services.

A post by TechRader.com recently wrote about on Jan 2023, a media company within Russia has made a claim that both Tech Giants: Microsoft and Intel have restarted “some services” in Russia and Belarus, following on from the initial stop, to new product sales due to the former’s invasion of Ukraine and the the many sanctions the country has from around the world. Intel had reportedly suspended all shipments to Russia in February 2022, two months before it halted all business operations there, leaving Russian customers without access to software updates +other downloads and also reported that Microsoft has since allowed Windows 11 updates in Russia, however customers in the country are still unable to download and install the company’s latest operating system.

In another Article, by the Wall Street Journal, published on April 6th : Microsoft to Pay $3 Million Over Russia Sanctions, Export Controls Violations, read more about this here

A google search shows a fair few conflicting articles suggesting that MS is now working again but until a post on Microsoft’s blog becomes available, similar to this one below – stating that sales are resumed



In conclusion, any suspension of new sales by Microsoft (or any tech company from the west) in Russia has created a challenging situation for its customers in the region.

However, there are several alternative solutions available that can help them continue to use software products that are familiar and essential to their operations.

As the situation continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft and its customers in Russia adapt to the changing landscape.

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