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Website Update: Q1 2023 – WordPress Optimization, Security, Advertising, Templates etc..

The monthly site update for

Welcome to this months site update in regards to everything going on here regarding local WordPress optimization, Linux setup and security, hosting on Google Cloud Console and more. A lot of technical challenges occurred this month with me being single handed but this meant learning curves throughout the process which has been really fun 馃檪

What’s been happening?

  • The creation of “TheIT Apprentice” blog
  • Google domain purchased
  • Hosting setup with Google Cloud Services
  • Basic Setup completed
    hold tight for a blog post on all of this in much further detail soon

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy page has also been setup to adhere to regulations etc.

Not sure if this blogs need it but I am currently looking into an Opt in feature regarding accepting and declining cookies.

Major Security Update

SSL Security certificate SSL / for HTTPS traffic has been implemented internally on our servers.

As an alternative to purchasing a CA via an authority, never knew this existed and is an absolutely excellent solution, it’s trusted by millions and its completely free. Free SSL Free SSL

Other security update:

WordProof Timestamping on the Crypto Blockchain

WordProof聽Timestamp, is now stamping on all WordPress content, storing it within the EOSIO blockchain. This tool combines mathematical algorithms with blockchain technology to protect copyright. Read more about Word Proof here:

How it works


WordPress optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

has been #1 on the list of things in mind when creating an IT blog. I have chosen to go with AIOSeoPro after a bit of playing about with YoastSEO, it seemed it lacked a bit of functionality I needed especially since ‘MonsterINgithts’ a third party analystics tool mase by the same company . Dubbed as The Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit.

Google Analytics/MonsterInsightsPro

Alongside Google Analytics, decided to go for MonsterInightsPro which integrates nicely with the AIOSEO plugin

Google AdSense

unfortunately, to keep this website up and running, i will need to shot ads onto the template and content to help pay for the monthly server costs which at the moment might be pretty expensive at Google Cloud Services – we will have to see how things go here. Still waiting for the review to come through on this one as well.

Professional blog templating

Purchased pro WordPress templating for a Blog Style site giving me a bit more flexibility than the free versions and removal of ugly copyright stamps from the theme designers.

Information Technology Support Analyst with over seven years of experience (in the telecommunications and manufacturing industries) ranging from user support to administering and maintaining core IT systems.

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